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Talking in-person about skin health will always be one of my favorite parts of this job.

Whether you’d like an in-office consultation, or you want to meet virtually—if you’re in Alabama, your appointment could be covered by insurance. 

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Sydney is a Board-Certified Dermatology PA

  • OVER 600 personalized routines and consults
  • DIPLOMATE FELLOW Society of Dermatology PAs
  • DERMATOLOGY CONFERENCE PRESENTER — expert on cosmeceuticals
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In-Person Services by Sydney through Wiregrass Dermatology.

Insurance Visit

From skin cancer checks and acne care to managing complex conditions like psoriasis and eczema, Sydney offers precise diagnoses and personalized treatment through Wiregrass Dermatology in Dothan, AL. 

Trust Sydney for all your skin concerns, from routine exams to managing chronic conditions.

In-Office Consultation

A quick, insurance-covered session for personalized skincare guidance.

In your initial 30-minute in-person consult, Sydney tailors a personalized medical-grade protocol to address your skin's specific needs, covering prescriptions, non-prescription skincare suggestions, and insights on in-office procedures like chemical peels and injectables.

Virtual Consultation

When in-person visits are not possible, connect with us virtually for expert advice and prescriptions.

Note: Our commitment to your skin's health is unparalleled. Please be aware that if you are not physically in Alabama, prescriptions cannot be prescribed during virtual consultations.

If you reside outside of Alabama but wish to connect with Sydney virtually, explore her customized skincare plan opportunites by clicking here.

HSA/FSA Notes:

Our platform has specific criteria for enabling the HSA/FSA acceptance feature, and we currently fall short of meeting one of the requirements that stipulates 90% of our products must be comprised of HSA/FSA-eligible items.

Nevertheless, there is an alternative available. You have the option to utilize your personal credit or debit card for acquiring eligible items from our store. Once the purchase is finalized, you can submit the receipt and any required documents to your benefits provider for reimbursement. To facilitate a seamless process, we recommend consulting with your benefits administrator before making your initial purchase to verify both product eligibility and the reimbursement procedure.

Regarding in-office dermatology appointments and treatments, here is the information we've discovered on the internet:

  • Because skin checks are not considered to be preventative care under the Affordable Care Act, you have to pay for them out of pocket after filing with insurance.
  • Dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea often require prescription-strength creams and gels. These medications can be costly and are sometimes not completely covered by insurance. No matter how much they cost, prescription medications are covered by your HSA.
  • If you visit a dermatologist because of acne problems, the appointment is HSA-eligible. Any prescriptions you get to help your acne are also covered.

As always, we recommend consulting with your benefits administrator before making any initial purchase to verify both product or service eligibility and the reimbursement procedure.

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