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Teen Skincare 101 Course
Teen Skincare 101 Course
Teen Skincare 101 Course
Teen Skincare 101 Course
Teen Skincare 101 Course
Teen Skincare 101 Course
Teen Skincare 101 Course

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Teen Skincare 101 Course

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    Moms of Teens and Pre-Teens: think of this as your acne academy.  

    Learn the Teen Skincare Formula I teach in the derm clinic.

    Ready to learn what you actually need for breakouts? you're in the right place.

    The only teen resource created by a derm prescriber that lets you know which products to buy BEFORE you schedule that derm appointment plus WHEN it's time to schedule plus and which questions to ask at the derm appointment. 

    You CAN treat acne at the drugstore. As a PA, Sydney is trained in ingredients. Products with ingredients paired on purpose and a consistent routine are the secret.

    Let's Begin! 

    • 20 video lessons (5-10 minutes or less) pop in and watch as you need them
    • Printable workbook to guide you through my 5-step process
    • Build a 1 to 3-step skincare routine for your teen's unique skin type
    • Learn holistic lifestyle approaches to improve acne
    • BONUS: Clear Steps for Clear Skin

    • Teen Skincare Product List: Your living, breathing, invaluable guide for purchasing products + discount codes live here!

    • ✔ 3 Sample Skin Routine Outlines: Tie all we've learned with a pretty bow called outlines. Skin routines are fluid as our skin's needs change. Learn how to adjust routine with these changes.   

    What you'll gain:

    ✔ Advice from the Dermatology Clinic: Understand when it's time to schedule a dermatology appointment, what to expect, and which questions to ask.

    ✔ Video Demonstrations: Learn how to properly use and apply skincare products for cleansing, treating, and moisturizing.

    ✔ A Holistic Approach: Treat acne's underlying causes by addressing diet, hormones, environment, and lifestyle habits.

    ✔ Step-by-Step Clarity: so that you can confidently build a 1-to 3-step routine for your teen's unique skin type.

    ✔ Prioritize: so that you learn which products to purchase based off what your child will actually do.

    ✔ Retinoid Guide: so that you can start the most important active ingredient slowly to avoid irritated skin.

    ✔ Specialized Guidance so that you understand Spot Treatments, "Fungal" Acne, and Acne for sensitive skin

    This incredible offer empowers you and your teen to achieve clear and confident skin without breaking the bank. It's everything you need to know to do before you schedule that derm appointment!

    the cherry on top is everything you learn about your teen's skincare routine is the foundation for your own routine!


    Still on the fence?  Read more about the details of the course here and also access the FAQs! 


    Please note that sharing this product with others violates copyright law and diminishes the hard work that went into creating this easy-to-understand document. Thank you in advance for respecting our work by not sharing the downloaded file with others. We appreciate you supporting our small business and the effort and time we've put into creating this digital download for you. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    learned so much VALUABLE info!

    All the information was valuable. I follow Sydney on IG and thought that there would be a bunch of repetitive information, but I learned so many new things.

    simple and straight-forward with step-by-step instructions

    It helped me understand where we are currently and what we need to look out for and/or prevent. I like the three different categories and what to do for each. It also made me glad to know it doesn't have to be as complicated as my skincare routine!

    I liked the 2 and 3 modules the best. I felt seeing the products and what order to do them was good for my daughter to see.

    Great for all ages- teens and pre-teens!

    I am a mom of two girls, 11 and 14. My daughters are involved in afterschool activities, which means sweat is a real struggle. The information Sydney gave was helpful for me to hear how best to care for their skin. They don't struggle with acne currently, but the information was great to learn.

    highly recommend

    Loving the teen skincare course!!! For only having young kids you sure know a lot about teen behavior!