THE Instant Skincare Routine

Let’s stop wasting time & money on products that don't work—or you don’t even use. Enjoy this simple, easy-to-follow skincare routine.

We’ll breaks it all down
• How to use your routine
• What’s in a skincare routine
• Your Custom Routine

Absolutely Free

This quiz is free of charge!

Instant Delivery

Following the quiz you will receive your results instantly as well as in your inbox. 

PA Approved

All results and product combinations are 100% designed and screened by Sydney.

Drugstore Options

Because paying a lot more isn't always worth it.  

Four Routines in One!

Not only do you get two price points with a medical-grade and drugstore routine, but you also receive pregnancy-safe alternatives for both. 

Here's how to use your routine

Use the following guide to choose one product from each step - either investment grade or drugstore - to create a COMPLETE synergistic routine. I recommend trying both products to form your personal preference and choose where to spend.

For teens, you can skip the vitamin c serum and eye cream.
• Our pregnancy-safe suggestions are considered safe in pregnancy. Make sure all products used while pregnant or breastfeeding are approved by your OB.

We’re about good stewardship of cost for product quality here, so the medical-grade options are screened and proven to be worth the extra they cost. I’ve learned that paying a bit more is typically better quality than drugstore…. but <sometimes> paying a lot more isn’t as worth it. 


Vitamin c serum and eye cream are always the first place to splurge, especially if brown discoloration or the eye area is your primary concern. 


I’m so excited and thankful for your routine post! I took the quiz and my skin type was “agave” I went out and bought all of the recommended products and have been doing AM PM routine since Saturday evening. My super dry skin that was around my eyebrows is gone! All cleared up. My skin isn’t dry anymore. So thank you so much!


I'm so glad I took the quiz. Since I started the products, my skin has a rosy glow for the first time in years. Gone is the dullness I had weeks ago. Thank you for that!


I have tried SO many products for my redness. Skinceuticals to drug store products. A friend told me about your page, and I did the quiz and got a routine for redness. Look at my results after 3 weeks! My skin was so rough, dry, red and I can really tell that it's more hydrated and less red! Both of those pictures are without makeup. So thank you! ❤️


"I just wanted to check in and say how grateful I am for taking your quiz in March!! I have learned so much just by following your account and am so0000 much happier in my skin! I've actually even had several people compliment my skin and that has never happened before! So thank you again for making your content available for everyone!! It's amazing what the right products, in the right order, consistently


Okay that [quiz} was just what I needed!Thank you for creating this!


You're the best! I've been using your drugstore recommendations for a while now and my skin is so much better!!


I found your page during the beginning of Covid. My skin has improved so much with a mix of products at different price points. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!