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Skincare School

I love a back-to-school moment

Learn the science of skincare in fun, online courses

We’ll go all Bill Nye on one skincare subject to get the in-depth deets on the most common skin issues & products that treat them.

In our Skincare School course, you'll get:

  • Video lesson (or a few lessons) teaching you to understand root causes, treatment, and products related to one important skincare subject.
  • Cheatsheets &/or Homework to apply what you learn from your course.
  • Discount codes &/or shopping guide for products specific to the subject from the Skincare by Sydney Shop. 

Pop some popcorn, grab a pen & notebook and class is in session

Current Courses

Anti-Aging 101 | Eye Area

Think of this like an eye area consult with me, Sydney. Together I’ll teach you how to reach your eye area goals by first diagnosing your major concern. Then you’ll learn product selection for at-home options as well as in-office treatment to achieve brighter, youthful eyes.

My goal is to give you unbiased advice so you understand what will and won’t actually work for your exact eye area concerns. We’ll approach it from a holistic perspective so that you make informed choices to enjoy a more radiant eye area.

  • Unbiased Knowledge
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Targeted Eye Area Improvement
  • How to Apply and Use Eye Cream
  • The Purpose of Eye Cream
  • How to Improve Your Eye Concerns
  • Eye Area Tips Beyond Eye Cream
  • Eye Area Product Links

Teen Skincare 101

A 5-module course for Moms with Teens

Are you ready to make a simple effective skincare plan, prevent scarring, and set the foundation for lifelong healthy skin habits? This course offers the skincare portion of insurance visits I give to my PreTeen & Teen acne patients in-office.

  • Learn where to start to treat and prevent breakouts
  • Less Breakouts (in 8 weeks)
  • No more guessing which products to buy or wasting money
  • 3-step skincare plan for your teen's skin type
  • Teen Skincare Product List with links updated regularly by Sydney
  • Bonus Discount: 20% off regular price purchase in our product store! (1x use)
  • Bonus Add-On: Discounted 1:1 Zoom Q&A with Sydney

More Classes Launching Soon! Check back later. 

Are you a medical provider (MD/DO/PA/NP) interested in skincare information for dermatology care for your patients?

I’m happy to share patient handouts I use in clinic since it’s often drugstore skincare that extends periods between flares of chronic skin condition.