The Skincare Plan

Join me via Zoom for a 1:1 virtual skincare consultation

—  and get all of your skincare questions answered!

here’s how we’ll do this:

  • 1. Purchase THE Skincare Plan, a 30 Minute 1:1 Virtual Consultation with Custom Skincare Routine.
  • You’ll receive an email from me with the next steps: 
  • 2. Schedule your 30-minute consultation at a time that works for your busy schedule … no leaving the house required!  
  • 3. Complete the Skincare by Sydney questionnaire to give me a little background on your skin and the products you’re currently using—there’s no judgment here, I just need a good baseline for where we’re starting.

    4. Send before pictures (3 angles) and pictures of your products.
  • During the consult: 
  • 5. Together, we will organize your products, recommend new ones, and discuss which in-office treatments to prioritize, so you know where to invest your money wisely. Our goal is for you to feel confident with your new custom skincare plan. 
  • After the consult: 
  • 6. Receive a personalized typed skincare routine with specific instructions & linked product recommendations to reach your skincare goals—plus, you will receive an exclusive one-time 20% off discount to use towards medical-grade products in the SBS Shop.
All for just $97 → 

Need a follow up? 

We offer a discounted follow-up rate within the first 3-months of THE Skincare Plan purchase date.

Pssst... In the derm office, we always follow up in 6-8 weeks after each adjustment in the skincare plan. Based on the skin cell life cycle, it usually takes at least two visits to see the best results of your plan. So I created the 3-month process to help you achieve a complete skincare routine for prevention and correction of sun damage. If it has been over three months, we suggest re-purchasing THE Skincare plan. 

Wondering which plan is right for you?

If you’re suffering from a skin condition like breakouts/acne, discoloration/melasma, sensitive skin/rosacea, I recommend a longer term plan (The Skin Fix Plan) to reach your goals. 

your skin’s unique needs

No two products are created the same—take oil cleansers and foaming gel cleansers, for example. They do the same job, with two very different approaches. Learn what products your skin needs & responds to, and the right way to use & apply them. 

your key ingredients

This is the part where we could spout off all the sciency words we associate with skincare products, but just because you know their names doesn’t mean you know what they do. Learn your power players and their purposes so you can …

your money wisely

Just like with food, certain ingredients naturally cost more—but just like clothes, certain brands just have higher price tags. When you know what you’re paying for, you can learn how drugstore & medical-grade products stack up against each other. 

Stop choosing skincare products based on anything but science

(Nerd alert!)

I know, I know, you graduated from high-school chemistry … but understanding the chemical ingredients in your products is critical for choosing the right ones for your skin:

  • I’ll help you identify the root cause of any issues you’ve identified with your skin—whether blemishes, sun spots, aging, or something else, we can get to the basic reasons they might be happening.
  • We’ll mute the marketing mumbo-jumbo, and get to know the key ingredients in skincare products so you can avoid falling victim to buzzwords & false claims. 
  • Skip the super-complicated skincare regimen, and find the confidence to choose effective products that get the results you’re looking for.

Ready for Healthy Gorgeous Skin?

Skincare is self-care—you deserve a little me time. 

Get my undivided, unbiased (while still board-certified) recommendations for your skin,and let’s create a completely personalized skincare process that works for you.

Book now for $97 →

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