For months, I hated leaving my house, even with makeup on. Postpartum acne has been a struggle. Sydney took the time to look at products I already had on hand, and showed me how to use them best- along with her suggested products within my budget. With that, and a temporary prescription, Sydney not only cleared my skin, but more importantly gave me confidence again. I hope she knows how much I appreciate the time she took out to be so detailed with me!! ❤ -still working, but have made huge improvements!


I have been so happy with my results from the Obagi 4% hydroquinone cream. My dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation have drastically faded, and my complexion looks more even. I feel comfortable now just wearing a tinted sunscreen instead of a heavier CC cream or foundation. I’m SO thankful I found Sydney! Her content and information she shares both on IG and in my consult have been game changers for my skin!


SYDNEY CHANGED MY LIFE ALL WHILE PREGNANT AND NURSING. I came to Sydney after four months of trying to problem solve my skin issues on my own. As soon as I implemented the custom skincare routine from Sydney, I started to see a difference. After months of diligently implementing the skincare routine there was a huge difference in my skin. The before and after pictures speak for themselves! Prior to working with Sydney I would never go in public without makeup covering my face. Now I go in public without makeup all the time. All of this happened while I was nursing my first son and pregnant with my second son. I tell everyone who complements my skin Sydney Givens is a magician! You will not regret working with Sydney. The right products plus consistency in doing your morning and nighttime routine will change your skin‘s life.


I have always struggled with my skin since I was a teenager. Seeing Sydney was hands down the best thing I have done for my skin! Sydney helped me in 2 significant ways -- (1) She helped me navigate the overwhelming skincare world by explaining the difference between what is actually important and worth splurging on, and other items that are the same exact thing, just wrapped up in different packaging for a different price. (2) Sydney also helped me nail down a skincare regimen specific to my skin's needs and goals. Sydney made my regimen straightforward and easy to be consistent, while also providing options at different price points. My results have been so noticeable that my mom drove over 3 hours to go see Sydney herself!


You helped me realize that there are great products that are right under my nose at drugstores! I spend more money on some things than I do others. Skincare doesn't mean you have to spend $100s on everything. I started your recommendations and skincare steps during the COVID shutdown of spring of 2020 and can see such difference between then and now. She also helped me realize that it takes time to see results—nothing is going to be instant. 


In my late 30s I developed substantial hormonal acne. I saught regular care from my local dermatologist and have prescriptions for oral medication but I never felt like I was getting good advice about a regimen that would help reduce the hormonal acne and help with anti-aging and general skin health. I spent a lot of time and money buying nearly every skincare regimen available. Nothing worked. A friend suggested that I schedule a consultation with Sydney. I am so glad that I did! Sydney provided exactly what I was looking for - straightforward advice on where I should invest my money and exactly what products I should be using to help with both hormonal acne and aging. I've referred several friends to Sydney and my 13-year-old daughter is also a client.


My before and after pictures might not seem drastically different as I haven’t really had a struggle with breakouts. What you can’t see in the pictures is that I now have a skincare regimen that I look forward to every day and I’m doing things now to protect my skin later (hello daily spf!). Sydney is incredibly personable and knowledgeable during the consultation. I felt comfortable with the plan we worked on together as she takes into consideration price points and lifestyle. I never knew skincare could be so fun!


I want to say thank you so much, you are the first person I have worked with that has made a routine perfect for my skin and actually gotten my skin cleared up!! All I have left is scarring now, I haven’t had any active pimples in a few weeks. I am so much more confident thanks to you :) I really can’t thank you enough!

Anna R

I just had to message you and let you know… I think we are turning the corner! I don’t want to jinx it, but I am 4.5 weeks into my new routine and I do not have a single active breakout. I still have some redness from previous breakouts, but those are getting better. I am also on my period which is typically the worst on my skin. I finally feel like I have some hope!  just wanted to send you a quick update on my skin and how happy I am. (7 Months Later...) My new routine has been game changing! Here’s my routine and some pics from this morning. All I had on was EltaMD’s tinted SPF. Thank you so much for helping get my skin back under control. It truly looks better than it ever has!


I never in my life thought I could like my skin. Thank you I'm so glad I've listened to you and really been dedicated to doing what you said and spending the money on the stuff that's worth it.


Just dropping in to say I started the hydrangea regimen almost a month ago, following all of the steps and have seen such a transformation in my skin!! Had a facial done a few days ago and was told I had ""great skin"" (which I have never heard in my life)so thank YOU!!!

Hannah S

I implemented your drug store acne recommendations for my face and it has never been better! I am getting married in May and have acne on my back that I'm hoping to clear up before then. I feel like I've seen a lot of steady improvement in my skin since our video chat a few months ago! It's definitely not perfect and probably never will be, but I'm a lot more confident in my skin and really thankful for how you've helped to get me to this point! Thank you again for your time and for making skincare accessible at all price points!

Shannon R 

Before my consult with Sydney, I thought that as long as I washed my face at night, and used moisturizer, I was taking care of my skin. My skin was okay, but didn't look and feel fresh. Since using Sydney's personalized routine, my skin looks and feels smoother, fresher, and breakouts are less frequent. I really am only using tinted sunscreen on most days-no more heavy foundation!! Thanks so much!!! I'm gifting my mom and mother in law a consult with you for Christmas!!!!


"Sydney helped me understand how to choose products for my skin—not just because they’re popular or on a magazine’s “best of” list. I was doing a lot of things right, but I was spending too much money on products that didn’t have the right ingredients. Sydney suggested some easy swaps with products from Target (yes, please!) AND they’re working so much better than what I was doing before!"


I can honestly say my skin has not looked better since childhood, and I constantly receive complements on it. It’s a gift to have a specific plan to follow, with obvious positive results, and to feel 100% confident in the recommendations, eliminating wasted time and money. I would recommend Sydney’s expertise (and have) to anyone! I am grateful for this experience & priceless resource!


I have struggled with adult acne despite using spa level skincare. My skin was dry and irritated. Sydney was able to help me figure out what was working and what wasn’t and some of the things she added were drugstore brands! My skin is flawless and I no longer struggle with breakouts. I have stopped wearing makeup because I don’t need it! Thank you Sydney!!


My skin is smoother, redness is dramatically reduced, and hive-y breakouts and all their itching have gone completely! I really like—and use daily—the products Sydney recommended. There is a definite difference if I get lazy and miss a product for a day or two, so that gets me motivated to get back on track quickly and get my soft, smooth skin back. I had NO idea how much moisture my skin really needs!! Thanks, Sydney!


Very glad I did the consultation with you and have a great skin care routine. I no longer feel like I am wasting money experimenting with products I hope will work.


I have been following Sydney since March/April 2020 and my skin has never been better! Sydney has guided me through misfortunes of burned skin from eyebrow wax, toddler keratosis polaris, to pregnancy-safe products/regimens. She is very easy to contact with simple questions and always responds quickly and with simple directions. She makes good skincare achievable without spending too much time in a daily routine. It takes a commitment to improve your skin, but with Sydney’s direction, definitely attainable and easier than I thought!


I recently met with Sydney after seeing some great results a friend had using Sydney's suggestions. I asked for a gift certificate from my husband for my birthday. I'm so glad I did! Although I am early into my new skincare routine, I already love the way it makes my skin feel. I appreciate the way Sydney asked questions, listened and then suggested a routine and products that would work well for me. She tailored my routine to fit my budget and lifestyle. I can't wait to see both the short-term and long-term effects.


My teenager daughter was dealing with acne that continued to get worse instead of better. We went to Sydney for help and within a day it was drastically better! Within a week her skin was completely clear again. Thank you Sydney! 


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