Top Women-Owned Skincare Brands I Highly Recommend

In the realm of beauty, supporting women-owned skincare brands isn't just a purchase—it's a pledge to uphold diversity, inclusion, and the spirit of female entrepreneurship. These trailblazing brands are not just creating products; they're crafting legacies of empowerment, challenging the status quo, and laying the foundation for a more equitable skincare future.

Let's delve into some of the most innovative skincare gems, boasting unique ingredients and groundbreaking formulations, all born from the vision of women determined to redefine beauty standards.

1.Stamina Cosmetics: The Power of Adaptogens 


Let's kick off with a true pioneer in the realm of adaptogenic beauty, @staminacosmetics. The brainchild, brilliant STAMINA developer, and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Marianna Blynumin-Karasik, introduces us to the transformative power of adaptogens in skincare. And if you're like me, initially puzzled by the term 'adaptogenic,' you're in for a delightful enlightenment.

Adaptogens are not just any ingredients; they're resilient botanicals that adapt their functions according to our skin's unique needs. This concept alone had me captivated—a single ingredient that can dial up or dial down its action based on what our skin cries out for in the moment? That's not just innovative; it's revolutionary.

Some examples of potent skin adaptogens that improve our skin:

  • ​​Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola or Tiger Grass)
  • Cordyceps Sinensis (Chinese Caterpillar)
  • Curcuma Longa (Curcumin)
  • Paullinia cupana (Guarana)
  • Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea)
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil)
  • Rheum Rhaponticum (Siberian Rhubarb)

Intrigued by the science of adaptogens and their remarkable versatility? I was too. Dr. MBK's vision for Stamina Cosmetics is a testament to the power of blending scientific innovation with skincare, paving the way for products that don't just cover up skin issues but genuinely adapt to solve them.

2. Vetted Derm Lab: Pioneers of Hypoallergenic Elegance


Meet @vetteddermlab, a haven for those navigating the delicate world of sensitive skin, birthed from the expertise and compassion of three female dermatologists turned mompreneurs. Tackling the common challenge of hypersensitivity with unparalleled grace, they've curated a line that's not only hypoallergenic but embodies elegance and sustainability at its core.

Their products are a testament to their vision: creating formulations that offer peace of mind and profound efficacy, without the worry of allergic reactions. For those of us diving deep into the realms of clean beauty brands and sensitive skin solutions, Vetted Derm Lab stands out as a guiding light.

And, because knowledge is power, especially in our skincare journeys, they're committed to demystifying skincare for sensitive skin. The main issue with sensitive skin is we’re all unique so we can be personally sensitive to an ingredient that works well for another person with sensitive skin. If you’re truly having many issues I recommend 

Their social platforms are a treasure trove of insights, busting myths and shedding light on how to care for our most vulnerable skin with tenderness and expertise.

PRO TIP: Embrace the innovative SkinSafe app recommended by Vetted Derm Lab to discover products meticulously rated for sensitive skin. It’s like having a dermatologist in your pocket, guiding you towards the safest choices for your unique skin needs.

If you’re interested in CLEANer/ sensitive skin products, these are it. 👏🏼

3. True Botanicals: A Tribute to Clean Beauty


@truebotanicals is where the quest for clean beauty transforms into an indulgent journey of discovery. Born from the founder's personal health challenges, True Botanicals is a beacon of hope and empowerment, blending the purity of nature with the potency of science.

Their standout, the Turmeric Cleansing Balm, is more than just a cleanser; it's an invitation to a ritual, turning your daily routine into a moment of zen, self-care, and connection. True Botanicals is a celebration of what it means to nurture your skin and spirit with the very best from nature, echoing our core value of empowering confidence through education and high-quality, eco-friendly skincare.

Their products, like the True Botanicals At-Home Facialist Peel, embody the innovative skincare products we adore, offering gentle yet effective solutions for everyone, regardless of skin type. It's luxury, efficacy, and ethics in every bottle, aligning with our desire for transformative skincare that honors our health and the environment.

4. Naturium: Luxurious Skincare for Every Budget


@naturiumskin has quickly become my go-to for when I'm on the hunt for luxury skincare without the luxury price tag. Founded by the insightful @susanyara, Naturium is the embodiment of high-quality, transparent, and accessible skincare. It's no secret I'm all about finding those gems that deliver real results without emptying your wallet, and Naturium does just that.

From their meticulously formulated serums to their divine moisturizers, each product feels like a treasure discovered in the vast sea of skincare. I'm particularly enamored with their approach to combining cutting-edge science with natural ingredients to cater to a wide array of skin concerns and types. Whether you're diving deep into the world of innovative skincare products or searching for clean beauty brands that align with a conscientious lifestyle, Naturium stands as a beacon of integrity and quality.

And let's talk about their presence at @target – it's like bringing the essence of luxury skincare right to your local aisles, making exceptional skincare routines accessible to everyone. Their range offers a seamless blend of sophistication and effectiveness, proving that you don't have to compromise on quality for affordability.

PRO TIP: For those of you who, like me, are always on the lookout for dermatologist-recommended skincare that won't break the bank, Naturium is a must-try. Their commitment to transparency, backed by science-driven formulations, makes them a standout in the eco-friendly skincare space as well.

Don't forget, diving into the world of Naturium at Target means bringing a piece of luxury into your daily routine without the luxury markup. And because I believe everyone should have access to top-notch skincare, I'm excited to share that you can enjoy a special discount with code SYDNEY15 for 15% off your Naturium favorites. It's time to elevate your skincare game with confidence and savings.

5. Hanni Smooth: Revolutionizing Moisturization


For those who've always wanted to skip the moisturizing step, @hannismooth is your dream come true. They've cracked the code to effortless hydration with their innovative in-shower moisturizers and a revolutionary spray moisturizer that promises to change the way you think about skin hydration.

In addition to the two products above, the Hanni Shave Pillow product and Hanni Anti-Oil make for FOUR trailblazing products. This brand has quickly become one of my favorites and is for anyone who values simplicity and effectiveness. Hanni Smooth ensures your skin stays lush and hydrated without any of the fuss. Hanni is one of those brands that solves problems and improves lives in a way that makes me say, “I wish I had thought of that.”

6. French Farmacie: Exfoliation Reimagined


Dive into the unique world of @frenchfarmacie, where they've reimagined exfoliation with their Elixir Exfoliant. This product stands at the crossroads of innovation, blending chemical exfoliants in an oil base for an exfoliating experience that's both luxurious and gentle. 

The oil-based formula delivers nourishment moisture and protects the skin barrier.  

The star ingredient is caviar lime, a natural AHA native to Australia, Along with fruit enzymes they work their magic to exfoliate and brighten. 

PRO TIP: Use it a few times a week as a 30-minute mask and you might even graduate to using it overnight. People love how bright, smooth, and glowy their skin is! 

French Farmacie’sElixir Exfoliant is designed for all skin types and especially shines in the colder months, ensuring your skin remains radiant and smooth. Enjoy 25% off with code SYDNEY at checkout.

7. OneSkin: The Frontier of Peptide Technology


Created by four female Brazilian scientists and based on proprietary peptides, OS-0, which is the first ingredient scientifically proven to reverse skin’s biological age. HOw do they do it? By targeting cellular senescence (one of the key drivers of skin aging) OS-01 switches off the damaged cells that contribute to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

If you’re looking for anti-aging solutions, emerges as a leader with their peptide-focused skincare.. While the skincare world is vast, OneSkin invites you to explore their science-backed offerings, promising an experience built on trust and transformative results.

I’m currently using the OS-01 body tropical supplement for stretch marks and the OS-01 Eye Supplement (cream).

My first thought with peptide-based brands is that I would stick to a well-renowned peptide-based brand like Alastin or Revision. After searching the site and their research- histology is included and their endpoints are explained well- I think it’s worth trying to form your own experience and results. Peptides aren’t regulated and neither are medical-grade brands. The OS founders discovered a new peptide and researched it so the results could be biased. In the end, either way, it honestly does come down to trust. Definitely not foolish to give it a whirl! 

8. Twiish Skin: Simplifying Clear Skin


@twiishskin is TEEN Approved! and the first mother-daughter duo to launch a line of teen skincare, which shows in the products that they truly understand that the quest for clear, radiant skin shouldn't be complicated. With products designed by a teen for teens to bring out their best skin without lengthy routines, Twiish Skin focuses on effectiveness and ease of use. 

TWiiSH is a collection of gentle yet effective skincare products that help calm breakouts and redness and get oily skin under control without leaving your skin dry, irritated, or inflamed.

TwiiSH does things differently. They are the first to incorporate tried-and-true silver as a key ingredient. Their Clear Skin Bundle is particularly noteworthy, including a cleanser and spot treatment offering a straightforward path to achieving and maintaining a flawless complexion. 

Use code SYDNEY20 for a special 20% off and start your journey to simplified skincare excellence.

9. Furtuna Skin: The Essence of Eco-Friendly Luxury


@furtunaskin takes luxury skincare to new heights with their commitment to wildcrafted ingredients and sustainability. Infused with olive oil and created by an Italian supermodel, each product is a testament to their mission of delivering high-performance skincare while respecting the earth. Their approach not only embraces eco-friendly practices but also ensures that every application is a pure, potent experience for your skin. Discover the transformative power of nature with Furtuna Skin and embark on a skincare journey that’s as ethical as it is exquisite. 

Most products that are extra fabulous support our skin’s precious moisture barrier. Furtuna Skin offers that nourishment through their olive-powered skincare collection that leaves your skin feeling baby smooth. Here are the products that are most beloved by my 1:1 clients with sensitive skin: Cielo Puro Cleansing Oil Balm and Acqua Serena Micellar Essence.

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Embrace Your Unique Skin Journey 

Each of these brands offers something special, a reflection of their founders' dedication to empowering individuals through skincare. From innovative skincare products to clean beauty brands and sensitive- plus sensible- skin solutions, the diversity of options available means there's something for everyone. Whether you're gifting or enhancing your own routine, these products are not just skincare; they're a celebration of women's innovation and commitment to quality.

Looking to refine your skincare routine with personalized guidance? Skincare by Sydney is here to empower your choices with knowledge and care, every step of the way.