Tips for Taking Care of Your Lips

If you struggle with chapped lips, despite feeling like you've drowned them in the gooiest of lip moisturizers, I get it! Lip care is all about taking time for a little TLC. So if you're wondering how to kick those dry lips, you’ve come to the right place! Lip care is about so much more than just chapstick! Let's dive into your ultimate guide to achieving those hydrated, soft lips you've been dreaming of. 💋

Scrub Away- Exfoliate

In order to get things smooth, you need to start with exfoliation! Use a very concentrated gritty, sand-like exfoliator without active ingredients. Finding the right exfoliator might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, but trust me, it's worth it! You want the moisturizer to work, instead of just sitting on top of a flaky mess!

  • Wet your lips
  • Massage in the exfoliator- to slough off those pesky dead skin cells
  • Rinse
  • Pat Dry

Pro tip: Exfoliate in the shower to pamper your face and neck too!

I personally ♥️ the Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator - it's perfect for all skin types and gives you that gritty texture your lips crave.

Remember, this isn't just about your lips- the same principle applies to your skin!

If your skin is feeling extra thirsty, a gentle physical exfoliation can be the secret weapon.

Embrace the Thickness- Moisturize

Now that all the dead skin is removed, it’s time for you to apply a thick emollient-based balm. This is going to bring back in all the moisture your lips crave.

Wondering what products provide this?? Think Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Chapstick or Aquaphor. Skip the thin stuff and say nope to the Carmex – we're wanting all the thick and greasy balms, baby!

Make sure you slather on your chosen lip savior veryyy generously

Keep the Moisture Flowing- More Moisturizer

Continue moisturizing your lips as the last step of your routine in both the AM and PM. Your moisturizer will thank you for not having to battle through dry, dead skin.

For an extra hydration boost, I enjoy indulging in a lip mask like PCA Overnight Lip Mask or Laniege Lip Mask during my night routine. 👏🏼

During the day keep a lightweight lip moisturizer product near!

Suggested Lip Products:

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Ready to give your lips the TLC they deserve? If you follow these easy fab steps, you're sure to see better results. Your lips will thank you later! 💄💖