Should my Tween, Teen, or Pre-teen have a Skincare Routine?

Moms, I know you are eager to witness your teen exuding confidence with clear, healthy skin. That’s what brought you here, and you can take a deep breath because I’ve got you. 

There is a lot of information you won’t get at the drugstore or even in the clinical setting. My goal is to help bridge the gap between these places so you can make more informed decisions for yourself and your teen. 

I’ve treated hundreds of teen acne patients in the dermatology clinic, and I’ve learned some general tips and tricks. I want to make sure that everyone has access to the information and resources they need.

Will they actually use the products? Well, that’s on them - but you at least know you are setting them up for success, and eventually, they will get tired of breakouts and reach for those skincare items you felt confident buying on the drugstore skincare aisle.

As I journey together toward a brighter, more radiant complexion, we'll explore information backed by medical research, training, and my experience in a derm clinic. Get ready to feel confident about picking products for your child's skin type and leave feeling optimistic about your teen's skincare journey.

Let's talk about some common pre-teen, tween, and teen questions.

How to get a busy teen to stop and do their skincare routine.

School life can be bustling, but that shouldn't hinder your teen's skincare routine. In my Teen Skincare 101 Course, you’ll discover easy tips to incorporate skincare into their daily school schedule. You’ll gain valuable insight on where to place products so your teen will actually use them.

Why do Teens breakout?

Breakouts can be frustrating, but they're a common part of the skincare journey. Discover the science behind breakouts and how to navigate through these temporary phases. Learn what to do instead of popping a pimple and spend less time wondering how to TREAT an 'embarrassing' breakout. I even talk about how to clear that pesky body or back acne. 

What skincare should a tween/teen use?

I’ve created a living, breathing Teen Skincare Product Guide.... a google sheet I'll update regularly with the latest, greatest updated products. I include products at all price points. Most are drugstore products because the truth is teen acne can be treated well at the drugstore.

Should a 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16-year-old have a skincare routine?

Yes. Age is no barrier when it comes to skincare. We'll discuss the benefits of introducing a gentle skincare routine for kids as young as 12-year-olds. In the course, I break down three groups of tweens/teens to help you understand what type of routine is best for your teens skin.

Should my teen wear sunscreen daily?

Yes. Everyone should wear sunscreen daily and starting this habit early is the silver lining to teen acne. But what about toxic sunscreen? I explain the difference between chemicals and minerals in depth. I also talk about my favorites for teens. You’ll also pick up some tips along the way.

When should my teen visit the dermatology clinic?

A well-tailored skincare routine is beneficial for all ages, including tweens. Learning how to prevent breakouts is key, but sometimes prescriptions are necessary. I want to provide you with the information to feel confident on the drugstore skincare aisle. We’ll discuss the role of a dermatology appointment, what to expect, and how to prepare so you can get the most out of it. 

Curious about the best skincare for tweens? Let me guide you in choosing the right products for their age and skin type.

I understand that every teen's skincare journey is unique. My Teen Skincare 101 Course is a treasure trove of insights beyond what you find at the drugstore and also what to do when you need to pivot and troubleshoot treatment. Backed by medical research and my experience as a dermatology PA, the course provides legit information to empower moms like you to navigate the drugstore skincare aisle confidently.

Our holistic approach to treating acne covers essential aspects like diet, hormones, environment, and lifestyle habits. Your teen will gain knowledge about different types of acne and conditions that mimic it, ensuring long-term skincare success.

With video demonstrations, routine guides, and a curated Teen Skincare Product List - I update regularly, you'll have all the tools to build a personalized skincare plan tailored to your teen's skin type. 

Moms, your journey to unlocking your teen's radiant skin begins here. Let's embark on an inspiring and empowering adventure filled with hope and optimism. Join my Teen Skincare 101 Course and witness the transformation of your teen's confidence and clarity.

Together, we'll tackle the questions, concerns, and curiosity surrounding teen skincare. Embrace this opportunity to create a skincare-loving community where moms and teens share the joys of healthy, glowing skin.

Join today and enjoy exclusive access to expert knowledge and personalized guidance. Your teen deserves radiant, healthy skin – let's make it happen together!

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